Credit Control

Safeguarding your cash flow needs to be your absolute priority. We will take a proactive approach when handling all your credit control and debt recovery matters. Our team will bring credit issues to a resolution and ensure your accounts are settled while at the same time maintaining your client relationship.

Credit Control

Ensuring your cashflow

Cash flow is key to any and all businesses. A strong, functional credit control department can and often make the difference between a company trading profitability or not, no matter its size or turnover. From small commercial contractors to larger SMEs and organisations Black Knight can offer stand alone credit control or integrate part of our services into your existing credit control strategy.

Addressing a missed payment straight away is paramount to maximising the chances of a successful resolution. The longer the situation is left the harder the situation becomes.

At Black Knight we take an extremely proactive approach to credit control. We will implement simple but effective credit control strategies and procedures for engaging and communicating with your client. These are proven to provide the best results and make sure the vast majority of your clients will pay you in full and on time. If your clients invoice goes beyond your payment terms we'll begin with gentle but assertive communication straight away. This maximises the chance of bringing in the monies owed to you and minimises any chance of a deterioration in your relationship with the client.

Portfolio Management for SME’s through to large high profile clients.

Having previously worked for several high profile businesses we have gained the relevant experience and accrued knowledge that is required to enable us as a business to provide the highest standard of service to our clients and deliver results. The ethical behaviour of our team is well balanced alongside our passionate conviction to achieve and maximise the optimum results for our clients.

Management of the said Portfolios encompasses :

  • Treatment of early arrears (pre – default) through to enforcement action.
  • Regular Reporting.
  • Work capacity and resource management.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Strong focus on client management. (Complete recognition of the importance of the ‘journey of the client’ and communication is key).

If you wish to speak to us regarding Black Knight Credit Control services and what we can offer you or if you simply have any questions regarding Credit Control matters then please don't hesitate to contact our team on 0151 931 1888 or use the link below to send us an enquiry