Credit Checking

Doing business within the UK can be a tough and unforgiving environment. Ensuring you carry out due diligence on all prospective clients before providing your services can keep you one step ahead of the game and help minimise your risks and exposure to customers with potentially poor financial circumstances and past record.

Credit Checks

Ensuring you and your clients make the best start to your business relationship

In our current financial climate it has never been more important to ensure the quality of the new clients you offer your goods and services to. Let Black Knight limit your potential exposure to non-paying clients that will disrupt your cash flow and increase your businesses profitability with Black Knight Credit Checking.

There will always be companies and individuals who don't believe they should by held liable for their debts along with those who may be legitimately struggling financially and need a little more time to pay. Our first task when looking into a client is to check their credit history and therefore the likelihood that you will be paid on time or indeed at all. Our systems contain the most up to date and comprehensive information on your potential customers financial circumstances and history which enables us to accurately assess their financial situation and credit history before you enter into any contract of work for them.

We can provide credit checking when you need it, as you need it, on a one off basis, or as a fully integrated package working alongside your existing credit control department.

If you wish to speak to us regarding our Black Knight Credit Check services and what we can offer you or if you simply have any questions regarding Credit Checking matters then please don't hesitate to contact our team on 0151 556 1910 or use the link below to send us an enquiry.