Tracing Gone Away's

Within time, all business will come across and trade with a client that is unwilling to pay for the services they instruct to be carried out on their behalf. On many occasions these clients disappear, making settling your invoices significantly more difficult if not impossible. We have the resources and relationships nationwide to track down gone aways and recover your monies.


Finding Gone Aways Nationwide

Losing a potentially valuable client or customer for any reason will have a negative effect on any type of business as it will on yours. At Black Knight we will endeavour to trace your clients and recover monies while maintaining the most positive relationship possible between you and your clients.

In tracing scenarios we use the term ‘gone aways’ to describe people that have changed their address. This may be a purposeful attempt to abscond and get themselves and business out of the financial liabilities they have built up but often its simply a matter that the individuals have not informed the authorities, service providers and you about this change. This usually results in a communication breakdown between you and your client's resulting in consequential credit control issues due to the businesses that are connected to these individuals often containing incorrect records as well. In these cases maintaining a positive relationship with your clients is very possible.

In all gone away cases, as well as proving inconvenient, these scenarios can also cause a breach of the Data Protection Act. In recent years and recent financial climate The "gone away scenario" is proving to be a serious issue across industry sectors in the UK.

According to the Data Protection Act, all stored personal information needs to be up to date and gone aways will affect this in a negative and potentially illegal manner. We have access to comprehensive databases for tracing gone aways both nationally and internationally if needed. We are able to find the vast majority quickly and can instruct field agents to perform door visits on your behalf throughout England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

If you wish to speak to us regarding our tracing services and what we can offer you or if you simply have any questions regarding tracing matters then please don't hesitate to contact our team on 0151 931 1888 or use the link below to send us an enquiry